ASX Governance Disclosure Checklist Now Available

As mentioned in our recent blog significant changes introduced by the new ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (3rd Edition, 2014) (ASX CGPRs) will require all ASX listed entities to review their current website disclosures and the way in which the present disclosures in future Annual Reports.

To assist our clients and subscribers CompliSpace has developed the 2014 ASX Governance Disclosure Checklist which details exactly which disclosures ASX listed entities will need to make either on their public websites or in their Annual Report.  The 2014 ASX Disclosure Checklist is available for download on the CompliSpace website.  Click here to download.

An ASX podcast on the CGPRs ‘ASX Corporate Governance Council Principles and Recommendations: transitioning to the 3rd edition‘ is now available on the ASX Compliance presentations and webinar page: podcast.

As reported in our recent article, the risk management ‘juggernaut’ continues to roll on with the latest initiatives of the Federal Government clearly illustrating that risk management is not a passing fad.  Getting a head start on your disclosure obligations for 30 June 2015 will put your business in a strong position at reporting time.

Has your business started to implement the ASX CGPRs? Have you reviewed your website disclosure in light of the ASX CGPRs?


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